Filmic Fantasy

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Filmic Fantasy JW2210

Plunge into a huge variety of orchestral sounds and themes which will help you create magic images...greetings from Harry Potter! Film score, comedy, children, animals.

JW Media Music JW2210

  • 001A Dash Of FantasyMain2:07
  • 002Power Of MagicMain2:07
  • 003Sword And SorceryMain2:06
  • 004Mysteries RevealedMain2:09
  • 005Mane Of RainbowsMain2:12
  • 006ConjurorsMain2:10
  • 007Midnight GardenMain2:11
  • 008Casting SpellsMain2:20
  • 009Arabian KnightsMain2:19
  • 010Halflings DanceMain2:08




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