Hard As . . . Modern Classic Rock

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Hard As . . . Modern Classic Rock JW2208

A true guitar feast! Classic rock lineup with driving drums and loads of overdrive make the perfect stage for the lead guitarist and his MEGA show. Adverts, action, sports, industry.

JW Media Music JW2208

  • 001Shock And AweMain2:08
  • 002Off The LeashMain1:58
  • 003Red Rock SlideMain1:36
  • 004Chop ShopMain2:19
  • 005No DiceMain2:26
  • 006Hustle And MuscleMain2:04
  • 007Lead FootMain1:54
  • 008Nite OwlMain2:28
  • 009Crash ProofMain2:23
  • 010Wrecking BallMain2:02




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