Power And Glory

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Power And Glory JW2206

Power and glory. Orchestral sounds for big cinema.

JW Media Music JW2206

  • 001No Matter The CostMain2:00
  • 002No Matter The CostPercussion Only0:52
  • 003Courage Of MenMain2:53
  • 004Courage Of MenNo Percussion2:53
  • 005Strength In UnityMain2:17
  • 006We Are LegionMain2:23
  • 007We Are LegionAlternative Version1:44
  • 008We Are LegionPercussion Only1:44
  • 009Beyond The VeilMain3:04
  • 010Beyond The VeilNo Soprano3:05
  • 011Heroes Of LegendMain2:21
  • 012Conflict WithinMain2:40
  • 013Conflict WithinNo Soprano2:40
  • 014For The FallenMain3:17
  • 015For The FallenNo Cello3:17
  • 016Touch Of DestinyMain3:17
  • 017Touch Of DestinyAlternative Version3:18
  • 018To The HeavensMain2:29
  • 019To The HeavensAlternative Version2:29




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