Lifestyles - Rural England

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Lifestyles - Rural England JW2196B

On train from London to Cornwall, open-topped from Dover
to York –sounds from the English hinterland. Nature, landscape, travel,

JW Media Music JW2196B

  • 001In The Knot GardenMain3:03
  • 002Flatford MillMain2:29
  • 003GargoylesMain2:01
  • 004Pride And SensibilityMain2:57
  • 005Oxford AfternoonMain2:20
  • 006Cream TeasMain2:10
  • 007Water FeatureMain2:09
  • 008Green ManMain2:00
  • 009Rosewood AntiquesMain2:07
  • 010Country GavotteMain2:02
  • 011English SpringMain2:51
  • 012English SummerMain2:38
  • 013Summer ShowerMain2:51
  • 014Pooh SticksMain2:33
  • 015Hen HouseMain2:10
  • 016Spring ChickensMain2:26
  • 017Real Log FireMain1:58
  • 018Lairds And LadiesMain2:21
  • 019More Tea VicarMain2:14
  • 020Age Of SteamMain3:18




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