Acoustic Electronica

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Acoustic Electronica JW2195

Acoustic guitars contrast electronic sounds. Holidays, travel, nature, landscape and pleasant states of mind.

JW Media Music JW2195

  • 001Costa Del SolMain1:54
  • 002Cute SmileMain1:56
  • 003MoonbeamsMain1:32
  • 004Acres Of SkyMain1:38
  • 005Top SecretMain1:41
  • 006Floating In SpaceMain2:02
  • 007SundialMain1:53
  • 008Easy Does ItMain1:42
  • 009Reel Em InMain2:00
  • 010Rattlesnake ShakeMain1:44
  • 011Bucks FizzMain1:34
  • 012ButterfliesMain1:58
  • 013HopscotchMain1:48
  • 014MemoriesMain1:54
  • 015Fresh BreezeMain2:06
  • 016PostcardsMain1:54
  • 017Eternal YouthMain1:34
  • 018Spring FeverMain1:35
  • 019Glitterball WaltzMain2:18
  • 020Electro BalladMain1:57




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