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Simplicity JW2188

Everything can be so simple: The sun is shining, a gentle breeze, not a cloud in the sky - you feel top of the world! And here’s the music. Suitable for nostalgia, leisure, children, animals, advertising. Simple but beautiful!

JW Media Music JW2188

  • 001BreezyMain1:00
  • 002FeelgoodMain1:50
  • 003ActiveMain1:41
  • 004SimplicityMain1:34
  • 005ContentmentMain2:37
  • 006VacationMain1:55
  • 007ThoughtsMain2:10
  • 008SilkyMain2:04
  • 009Dizzy SpellMain1:36
  • 010Sleepy HeadMain2:02
  • 011Funny Ha HaMain1:33
  • 012Teachers PetMain1:39
  • 013Full CreamMain1:47
  • 014Flute CakeMain1:32
  • 015Soft EchoesMain1:15
  • 016Whole GrainMain2:30
  • 017Working OutMain2:18
  • 018ChildhoodMain1:22
  • 019ChildhoodAlternative Version1:11
  • 020ChildhoodMusic Box1:28
  • 021Cheer UpMain1:13
  • 022Cheer UpWith Kazoo1:04
  • 023Goodtime RagtimeMain0:57
  • 024Badtime RagtimeMain0:57
  • 025Good PracticeMain1:14
  • 026Bad PracticeMain1:14




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