Soundscapes & Drones - Landscapes

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Soundscapes & Drones - Landscapes JW2185B

Atmospheric sounds are the perfect accompaniment for landscape and panorama shots.

JW Media Music JW2185B

  • 001Big Open SpacesMain2:01
  • 002Desert SunriseMain2:08
  • 003Desert DreamsMain2:29
  • 004RevelationsMain2:14
  • 005Look EastMain2:35
  • 006Distant LandsMain2:00
  • 007Mountain RegionsMain1:31
  • 008Lonely PlanetMain1:37
  • 009Molten MetalMain2:17
  • 010Receding GalaxiesMain2:21
  • 011Zero GravityMain2:08
  • 012Barren Land 1Main1:42
  • 013Barren Land 2Alternative Version1:49
  • 014Joshua TreeMain2:41
  • 015Mojave 1Main0:19
  • 016Mojave 6Alternative Version0:42
  • 017Mojave 9Alternative Version2:54
  • 018Mojave 10Alternative Version1:05
  • 019Desert ImagesMain2:25
  • 020Golden Sheckles 1Main3:48
  • 021Golden Sheckles 2Alternative Version1:04
  • 022Saffron RobesMain2:56
  • 023High HimalayasMain0:59
  • 024Jade Dragon 1Main2:39
  • 025Jade Dragon 2Alternative Version2:39
  • 026Bamboo ForestMain2:15




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