Pop Ballads

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Pop Ballads JW2184

Mouths open! Here's library music with vocals again. Pop
ballads with lots of feeling, male and female. Plus instrumental versions for each track.

JW Media Music JW2184

  • 001Turn The Lights OutMain4:20
  • 002Its OverMain3:51
  • 003Precious MomentsMain3:09
  • 004Hold Me NowMain3:38
  • 005Here With MeMain3:57
  • 006Nothing Left To SayMain4:14
  • 007Those Few WordsMain3:15
  • 008If I Stay Here Any LongerMain4:21
  • 009Tell Me NowMain4:29
  • 010Crazy For YouMain4:06
  • 011Turn The Lights OutInstrumental4:07
  • 012Its OverInstrumental2:27
  • 013Precious MomentsInstrumental2:23
  • 014Hold Me NowInstrumental2:46
  • 015Here With MeInstrumental3:23
  • 016Nothing Left To SayInstrumental2:59
  • 017Those Few WordsInstrumental2:44
  • 018If I Stay Here Any LongerInstrumental3:10
  • 019Tell Me NowInstrumental4:01
  • 020Crazy For YouInstrumental1:37




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