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Cuba JW2182

Pure Caribbean feeling: the full range of Cuban music – relaxed, always up for a dance, played live. Greetings from the Buena Vista Social Club.

JW Media Music JW2182

  • 001Lluvia De OroMain2:49
  • 002Siempre Libre CubaMain2:05
  • 003Tres PesosMain2:22
  • 004Solamente TuMain3:04
  • 005Cosita LindaMain2:23
  • 006Havana Querida HavanaMain3:23
  • 007GuajiritaMain1:47
  • 008La AbuelaMain2:25
  • 009Son MontunoMain1:59
  • 010Salon RojoMain2:36
  • 011FloresMain1:52
  • 012Tiempo LibreMain1:44
  • 013La Casa GrandeMain1:42
  • 014Fuerte!Main1:56
  • 015El MaleconMain2:01
  • 016Zapatos NegrosMain0:59
  • 017Lluvia De OroMain2:48
  • 018Siempre Libre CubaMain2:05
  • 019Carta De AmorMain3:02
  • 020Havana Querida HavanaMain3:23
  • 021Sin DetenerceMain3:47
  • 022Lluvia De OroMain1:05
  • 023Siempre Libre CubaMain1:19
  • 024Tres PesosMain2:22
  • 025Cosita LindaMain1:12
  • 026Havana Querida HavanaMain1:40
  • 027GuajiritaMain1:41
  • 028Salon RojoMain2:34




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