China Olympiad

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China Olympiad JW2181

Chinese Olypia feeling. Ideal for travel, leisure, sports.

JW Media Music JW2181

  • 001Olympic Spirit (a)Main3:13
  • 002Going For GoldMain1:36
  • 003Bird's Nest StadiumMain1:21
  • 004One DreamMain1:16
  • 005Racing TensionMain1:29
  • 006Racing FitMain1:33
  • 007Beijing DowntimeMain1:33
  • 008Sports DeskMain0:53
  • 009Podium FinishMain1:49
  • 010Roundup MontageMain1:04
  • 011Fierce CompetitionMain2:22
  • 012Dancing BeijingMain1:09
  • 013Olympic Spirita capella0:54
  • 014Olympic Spirit (b)Main3:14




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