Pop Vocal

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Pop Vocal JW2180

Finally someone says something: this is the realm of the
female voice. Sexy, lascivious girly pop, not to be wasted as background music. That's why there is also an instrumental version for each track.

JW Media Music JW2180

  • 001SensationalMain3:35
  • 002Talking To YouMain3:23
  • 003ObsessionMain3:31
  • 004Fire In MeMain3:47
  • 005Love RevelationMain3:26
  • 006FreeMain3:10
  • 007Back And ForthMain3:39
  • 008SexyMain3:03
  • 009Give It To MeMain3:55
  • 010No TomorrowsMain3:47
  • 011SensationalInstrumental3:34
  • 012Talking To YouInstrumental3:20
  • 013ObsessionInstrumental3:17
  • 014Fire In MeInstrumental3:47
  • 015Love RevelationInstrumental3:23
  • 016FreeInstrumental3:10
  • 017Back And ForthInstrumental3:39
  • 018SexyInstrumental3:03
  • 019Give It To MeInstrumental3:56
  • 020No TomorrowsInstrumental3:48




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