Rock Electro

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Rock Electro JW2179

Electronic is cool: where guitars and synthesizer sounds
meet, great atmospheric density is guaranteed. Good for city, industry,

JW Media Music JW2179

  • 001Seek And LocateMain2:10
  • 002No AngelMain2:02
  • 003Ram RaidMain2:19
  • 004Street StrutMain2:33
  • 005Maximum ThrustMain1:49
  • 006Nerve WrackMain2:06
  • 007Amp AnthemMain2:31
  • 008In StasisMain2:08
  • 009Heavy StompMain2:10
  • 010Digital CowboyMain2:36
  • 011Smash And GrabMain2:13
  • 012Circuit TrainingMain1:58
  • 013Hard BladesMain2:32
  • 014Groovy GorillaMain2:09
  • 015Dr RobotnikMain2:06




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