Big Beat - Fat Tunes

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Big Beat - Fat Tunes JW2178

Guitar riffs and pulsating beats are the basis for tracks which advance powerfully. Ideal for sports, industry, urban life and everything that moves.

JW Media Music JW2178

  • 001Big RollerMain1:35
  • 002Make Some NoiseMain1:57
  • 003Hear Me NowMain2:23
  • 004Big Beat RaiderMain1:47
  • 005Beat DetectiveMain2:09
  • 006Crazy SunshineMain2:05
  • 007Loud And ProudMain1:41
  • 008Ska WarsMain2:03
  • 009RumblestripMain1:56
  • 010Catch The BeatMain1:52
  • 011Ska WahMain2:04
  • 012Funkerloo TwoMain1:57
  • 013Scratch N RiffMain2:00
  • 014Kids PlaytimeMain2:01
  • 015Bigger BeatsMain2:09




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