Epic Indie

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Epic Indie JW2175

Melodic indie sounds with electric guitar, strings and piano.

JW Media Music JW2175

  • 001Bigger Than The SkyMain2:21
  • 002Femmes FatalesMain2:41
  • 003Romance is DeadMain3:01
  • 004Art RocksMain2:41
  • 005Into the DeepMain2:49
  • 006Zoetrope DreamsMain2:55
  • 007Epic JourneyMain2:53
  • 008Accidental Love SongMain2:36
  • 009Gormenghast RebuiltMain2:36
  • 010Strange DaysMain2:50
  • 011Emos and HeroesMain3:04
  • 012Shadow LandsMain2:44
  • 013Music of TimeMain3:08
  • 014Rock and a Hard PlaceMain2:25
  • 015Catherdral Of SoundMain3:06
  • 016Naturally HighMain2:26
  • 017Echoes of SpainMain2:37
  • 018Eyes of the SoulMain2:35
  • 019Indie Kid AnthemMain2:44
  • 020Race to the SunMain2:27




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