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Filmscore JW2174

Classic film score sounds.

JW Media Music JW2174

  • 001Blackbeard's RevengeMain1:42
  • 002Brand ExcaliburMain1:09
  • 003Quest for the TruthMain2:08
  • 004Somewhere Out ThereMain1:37
  • 005Somewhere Out TherePlus Guitar1:36
  • 006Somewhere Out ThereStrings1:33
  • 007Watching and WaitingMain1:03
  • 008Love and HonourMain1:58
  • 013Love and LossMain2:38
  • 014Emotional ChemistryMain1:02
  • 015WidescreenMain1:05
  • 016Action ReactionMain1:07
  • 018Screen HeroesMain1:38
  • 019Screen HeroesAlternative Version1:39
  • 020Work of the DevilMain1:06
  • 021Darkness of the SoulMain1:53
  • 022Darkness of the SoulAlternative Version1:55
  • 023Land of the FreeMain1:03
  • 025Land of the FreePercussion1:05
  • 026Great OutdoorsMain1:07
  • 027Doom BuilderMain1:43
  • 028Doom BuilderStrings1:39
  • 029Doom BuilderUnderscore Bed1:04
  • 030Desolate RegionMain2:08
  • 031Bigger PictureMain1:53
  • 032Dark DroneMain1:12




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