Green Light

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Green Light JW2172

Acoustic guitar, combined with natural sounds and contemporary groove. Documentations, reporting, landscape, nature.

JW Media Music JW2172

  • 001Green LightMain2:01
  • 002Freshly SqueezedMain2:13
  • 003I Wish...Main2:34
  • 004Blue SkyMain2:11
  • 005Moochin'Main2:09
  • 006Feel Like DancingMain1:53
  • 007Feeling ItMain2:22
  • 008Falling LeavesMain2:30
  • 009Flying KitesMain2:17
  • 010Sparkling WaterMain2:11
  • 011Drops of DewMain2:08
  • 012Enchanted CarouselMain2:16
  • 013Small WorldMain2:01
  • 014Joshua TreeMain2:43
  • 015Spangle JangleMain2:22
  • 016Season's ChangeMain2:22
  • 017Another HighwayMain2:31
  • 018Cudd LiteMain2:15
  • 019Storm CloudsMain2:12
  • 020Warm GlowMain2:21




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