Claret Everywhere

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Claret Everywhere JW2160

Guitar-oriented music in combo instrumentation. The Anglo-American TV thirller of the late 1970s and early 1980s lives on!

JW Media Music JW2160

  • 001Getaway DriverMain2:14
  • 002Good Cop Bad CopMain1:58
  • 003Wanna Buy a Watch?Main2:16
  • 004Burn UpMain2:26
  • 005Easy PeasyMain2:08
  • 006White JaguarMain2:23
  • 007Claret EverywhereMain1:41
  • 008FrightenersMain2:12
  • 009Call Me LuckyMain2:43
  • 010Roswell RockMain2:26
  • 011Cut To The ChaseMain2:19
  • 012Gentle PersuasionMain1:36
  • 013Mill Hill MobMain2:04
  • 014Mr Candy Apple RedMain2:16
  • 015Red MistMain2:32
  • 016Lake Placid BlueMain2:32
  • 017It's A Set UpMain2:58
  • 018Six Feet UnderMain2:12
  • 019Concrete OvercoatMain2:47
  • 020Man On A MissionMain2:31




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