Buena Latina

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Buena Latina JW2156

Good Latino music: stylistically authentic collection from the Caribbean and Latin America.

JW Media Music JW2156

  • 001Muchos MojitosMain2:45
  • 002Buena LatinaMain2:21
  • 003Mojave 1Main0:17
  • 004Havana ClubMain2:40
  • 005Fiesta CubanaMain2:38
  • 006Fiesta CubanaMain2:38
  • 007Mojave 2Main0:10
  • 008Bandidos!Main2:09
  • 009Driving WestMain2:36
  • 010Mojave 3Main0:14
  • 011Mondo HammondoMain2:08
  • 012Five AliveMain2:08
  • 013Mojave 4Main0:31
  • 014Bella DonnaMain2:12
  • 015Nova BossaMain2:09
  • 016Mojave 5Main0:17
  • 017Puesta Del SolMain2:43
  • 018Have A Cigar!Main3:07
  • 019Mojave 6Main0:40
  • 020Border CrossingMain2:33
  • 021Gimme A Cold OneMain2:06
  • 022Mojave 7Main0:23
  • 023Salida Del SolMain2:41
  • 024RancherosMain2:44
  • 026Delta JamMain2:13
  • 027Desert FlowerMain1:59
  • 028Mojave 9Main2:52
  • 029Mojave 10Main1:03




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