Mixed Spices

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Mixed Spices JW2153

Ethnic sounds from all over the world: trend-oriented at times, traditional at others.

JW Media Music JW2153

  • 001NieuvoTangoMain2:13
  • 002Mixed SpicesMain2:43
  • 003Almond BlossomMain2:56
  • 004World CruiseMain3:45
  • 005Guaguanco StyleMain2:31
  • 006World TravellerMain2:15
  • 007African DawnMain2:17
  • 008NamasteMain2:35
  • 009Orient ExpressionMain3:03
  • 010Global ChillMain2:06
  • 011BollyhollywoodMain2:50
  • 012Bodega RiojaMain2:36
  • 013Global WarmthMain2:32
  • 014Scents of the eastMain3:09
  • 015East to WestMain2:40
  • 016Big BuddhaMain1:55
  • 017Spiritual JourneyMain2:14
  • 018Saffron RiceMain2:28
  • 019Guajira LatinaMain2:00




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