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Themes & Signatures JW2151

Dynamic, lively, full of positive energy: themes for use
in video clips, opening credits, signature tune. News, free time, travel, sports etc.

JW Media Music JW2151

  • 001Let's talkMain1:48
  • 002Tomorrow's ChampionsMain1:49
  • 003Things to make and doMain1:58
  • 004Dare-DevilsMain1:23
  • 005Pack your BagsMain2:29
  • 006Eighteen-thirtyMain1:39
  • 007Top DownMain1:31
  • 008Having a laughMain1:39
  • 009Start the weekendMain1:19
  • 010Head to HeadMain1:50
  • 011Expert AdviceMain1:31
  • 012Best BuddiesMain1:28
  • 013Out and AboutMain1:32
  • 014Human DramaMain1:48
  • 015Angels and AliensMain1:38
  • 016Speed TrapMain1:29
  • 017World's GreatestMain1:36
  • 018Reality CheckMain1:26
  • 019PetrolheadsMain1:34
  • 020Truth FindersMain2:05




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