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Performance JW2149

Real instruments in smaller settings trace timeless atmospheric pictures of high emotional density and individual character.

JW Media Music JW2149

  • 001Access all AriasMain2:28
  • 002EnchantressMain2:19
  • 003Vox AngelicaMain2:04
  • 004Harmon EyesMain3:14
  • 005Off the CuffMain3:16
  • 006Simple LifeMain3:18
  • 007Pool of TearsMain3:05
  • 008Lone VoiceMain2:17
  • 009Cheesy BeansMain3:03
  • 010A La MarsalaMain2:42
  • 011Toledo SteelMain3:34
  • 012Day is DoneMain1:57
  • 013Spring BloomMain2:32
  • 014Country RetreatMain2:47
  • 015Artist's Impression 1Main2:18
  • 016Artist's Impression 2Main2:17
  • 017Rolling LandscapeMain3:31
  • 018Shadow FallMain2:19
  • 019PointillismMain1:45
  • 020Green and PleasantMain3:06




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