Variety & Vaudeville

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Variety & Vaudeville JW2144

From the golden age of sound film: original recordings from the 1950s and 1960s with classical film orchestra. Ideal for documentations, comedy, animation, historical footage.

JW Media Music JW2144

  • 001Entrance And Bow MusicMain0:34
  • 002Tiger's TangoMain1:13
  • 003Tumbler's TearawayMain1:01
  • 004Skating WaltzMain1:14
  • 005FuntimeMain2:26
  • 006Hurdy Gurdy CarouselMain2:48
  • 007Silent Movie RagMain2:52
  • 008Winning All The WayMain1:29
  • 009On The TrampolineMain3:02
  • 010Scramble For BreakfastMain1:36
  • 011Night OutMain1:34
  • 012Big City GalopMain1:37
  • 013Gaiety GalopMain3:01
  • 014CapersMain2:46
  • 015Honky TonkMain2:11
  • 016France - CabaretMain1:29
  • 017French FillyMain1:29
  • 018Can - canMain1:46
  • 019Opening GalopMain1:27
  • 020Travelling CircusMain2:24
  • 021Conjuring TricksMain2:42
  • 022Fairground PolkaMain1:23
  • 023Clowns DanceMain1:08
  • 024Vamp Till ReadyMain1:27
  • 025Juggling ClownsMain1:11
  • 026Teddy Bear's MarchMain1:27
  • 027Juggling JiveMain1:07
  • 028Steeple ChaseMain2:27
  • 029Eight White PoniesMain0:47
  • 030Ballet On The WireMain1:15
  • 031Bright Lights 1Main0:39
  • 032Bright Lights 2Main0:38
  • 033Trombone Express 1Main1:04
  • 034Trombone Express 2Main0:33
  • 035Slapstick Comedy 1Main0:33
  • 036Slapstick Comedy 2Main0:33
  • 037Fanfare ExcitementMain0:38
  • 038Four Short Fanfare Bridges 1Main0:19
  • 039Four Short Fanfare Bridges 2Main0:13
  • 040Four Short Fanfare Bridges 3Main0:14
  • 041Four Short Fanfare Bridges 4Main0:09
  • 042Noises OffMain1:56




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