Dub Sessions

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Dub Sessions JW2139

"Dubious meetings": cool numbers with deep basses for fashion, advertising, sports, free time, industry, etc.

JW Media Music JW2139

  • 001Spaghetti DubMain3:22
  • 002Cooler ShadeMain2:49
  • 003Strange JourneyMain3:07
  • 004One WorldMain3:14
  • 005Strength Thriu DubMain3:01
  • 006HypnodiskMain3:02
  • 007Twilight ThrillerMain3:04
  • 008Before The StormMain2:59
  • 009Bass MotivesMain2:56
  • 010Culture ShockMain2:56
  • 011Deep DreadMain3:12
  • 012Jazz DubMain3:00
  • 013Black VelvetMain2:51
  • 014More GeniusMain3:03
  • 015String HingMain3:03
  • 016Portobello PunchMain3:09
  • 017RepeataAlternative Version2:56
  • 018Dark EchoesMain3:04
  • 019Dub AlcchemyAlternative Version3:47
  • 020Tribe VibeMain2:46




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