Groove Machine

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Groove Machine JW2135

This machine produces groovy, funky tracks -- ideal not only for the sound environment of your late night show, but also for news reporting, sports, fashion, advertising etc.

JW Media Music JW2135

  • 001Say It Out LoudMain2:46
  • 002High FiveMain2:42
  • 003No MessinMain2:19
  • 004Full Fat FunkMain2:48
  • 005Come And Get ItMain2:08
  • 006Soul BrotherMain2:55
  • 007Let's Slow It DownMain2:32
  • 008Keep On PushinMain2:22
  • 009Dr FunkensteinMain2:50
  • 010Walking TallMain2:06
  • 011Groove MachineMain2:28
  • 012Freaky DeakyMain2:01
  • 013Funk TartareMain2:14
  • 014ConfunktionMain2:01
  • 015Hit Me One TimeMain2:03
  • 016Way Back WhenMain2:37
  • 017Cool MoverMain2:03
  • 018He's The ManMain2:11
  • 019Super SlickMain2:26
  • 020Mr SmoothieMain1:39
  • 021RiffsvilleMain2:28




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