Music from the Islamic World

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Music from the Islamic World JW2133

Allahu akbar: Music from the Islamic world. Original instruments produce a mystical, spiritual atmosphere.

JW Media Music JW2133

  • 001Mountain PanoramaMain4:52
  • 002Mountain PanoramaMain4:41
  • 003Golden ShecklesMain3:50
  • 004Golden ShecklesMain3:50
  • 005Golden ShecklesMain1:06
  • 006Immortal Dreams 1Main2:37
  • 007Immortal Dreams 1Main0:39
  • 008Turquoise And Jade 1Main4:11
  • 009Turquoise And Jade 1Main0:56
  • 010Turquoise And Jade 1Main0:23
  • 011Quanoon At Sunset 1Main3:14
  • 012Desert Images 1Main2:27
  • 013Desert Images 1Main2:17
  • 014Cities In Stone 1Main4:43
  • 015Ciries In Stone 1Main1:09
  • 016Immortal Dreams 2Main3:23
  • 017Immortal Dreams 2Main1:00
  • 018Turquoise And Jade 2Main2:27
  • 019Quanoon At Sunset 2Main3:32
  • 020Quanoon At Sunset 2Main1:39
  • 021Cities In Stone 2Main1:33
  • 022Cities In Stone 2Main2:14
  • 023Immortal Dreams 3Main0:57
  • 024Cities In Stone 3Main3:26
  • 025Immortal Dreams 4Main2:22
  • 026Immortal Dreams 4Main2:08
  • 027Desert Images 2Main3:13




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