Celtic Fusion

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Celtic Fusion JW2132

Melodically characterized titles in contemporary sound with folkloristic, historicizing stylistic elements.

JW Media Music JW2132

  • 001Good MorningMain2:36
  • 002Landscape ViewMain2:16
  • 003Church Of ChillMain2:36
  • 004Celtic FusionMain2:45
  • 005Light And ShadeMain2:50
  • 006Dark RitualMain1:23
  • 007Green ValleysMain2:13
  • 008Sense Of History 1Main1:54
  • 009Sense Of History 2Main1:49
  • 010ViewpointMain2:47
  • 011Harmony GrooveMain2:56
  • 012Black Mountains 1Main2:32
  • 013Black Mountains 2Main2:25
  • 014Farewell CountryMain3:12
  • 015Celtic MagicMain2:22
  • 016Enchanted Castle 1Main2:28
  • 017Enchanted Castle 2Main1:38
  • 018White Witch 1Main1:32
  • 019White Witch 2Main2:41
  • 020Myth And Legend 1Main2:38
  • 021Myth And Legend 2Main2:03
  • 022Country AirMain2:13




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