Full On Metal

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Full On Metal JW2131

Hard and uncompromising: stylistically assured heavy metal.

JW Media Music JW2131

  • 001Full-On MetalMain1:43
  • 002Come The CrunchMain2:27
  • 003Metal MonsterMain1:51
  • 004Stage DiveMain2:24
  • 005Six Six SixMain1:43
  • 006No BrainerMain1:41
  • 007Body ArtMain1:58
  • 008Friction BurnMain2:06
  • 009Cmon RockMain2:45
  • 010Yo AmericaMain1:59
  • 011Eat DustMain1:32
  • 012Happy HalloweenMain2:31
  • 013Ok RocksuckersMain1:33
  • 014Nu Lords Of RockMain1:43
  • 015ThundercrackMain1:36
  • 016Brainsaw ChainsawMain2:20
  • 017Road WarriorMain2:18
  • 018Frat NightMain2:14
  • 019Bad Boys ToysMain2:21
  • 020Farewell TourMain2:43




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