Flavas 2

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Flavas 2 JW2127

R'n'B in its full stylistic variety and breadth. Frequently with vocals.

JW Media Music JW2127

  • 001Set Me FreeMain2:22
  • 002Say YeahMain1:37
  • 003We Got It Going OnMain1:55
  • 004Feel No PainMain2:22
  • 005Talk To MeMain2:36
  • 006Watcha Gonna DoMain2:06
  • 007You'd Be IllinMain2:17
  • 008Get A GripMain1:52
  • 009Break It DownMain2:26
  • 010Fly GirlsMain1:53
  • 011Bust It UpMain2:06
  • 012DefnessMain1:19
  • 013Bad DawgMain2:04
  • 014BuzzedMain2:00
  • 015Tuff NeczMain1:35
  • 016So SneakyMain2:16
  • 017Have Some FunMain2:29
  • 018Right Back AtchaMain2:09
  • 019Do U Like It Like ThisMain2:18
  • 020Expecting To FlyMain2:45
  • 021On The Back FootMain3:35
  • 022Bad LoveMain2:06
  • 023Pot Of GoldMain2:34




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