Image and Illusion

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Image and Illusion JW2126

Music for theatre, dance, circus, vaudeville, performing arts. Partly with world music elements.

JW Media Music JW2126

  • 001Mystical OvertureMain4:19
  • 002Magic JourneyMain4:40
  • 003Travelling ShowMain4:37
  • 004Image & IllusionMain4:28
  • 005Fire DragonMain4:30
  • 006DreamdanceMain4:44
  • 007World CarouselMain4:35
  • 008Whip CrackMain4:32
  • 009ManticoreMain4:39
  • 010Sorcerer's SpellMain4:48
  • 011Tragedy & ComedyMain4:13




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