Emotional Response

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Emotional Response JW2124

Thematic - filmic - reflective

JW Media Music JW2124

  • 001Ocean SwellMain1:16
  • 002Garden Of The GodsMain3:00
  • 003Garden Of The GodsAlternative Version3:53
  • 004Dawns EdgeMain3:03
  • 005Saint Monica's GardenMain5:22
  • 006Balloon FlightMain1:48
  • 007Balloon FlightAlternative Version1:20
  • 008Air Of MysteryMain2:58
  • 009Darkness FallsMain4:36
  • 010Lake Of DreamsMain2:40
  • 011Lake Of DreamsAlternative Version0:31
  • 012Lake Of DreamsAlternative Version0:34
  • 013Bay Of RainbowsMain2:24
  • 014Eastern LightMain4:59
  • 015Haunting FragranceMain4:26
  • 016Cloud DriftMain1:48
  • 017Early HoursMain3:31
  • 018Deep ShadowsMain1:59
  • 019Latent ImageMain1:37
  • 020Games People PlayMain1:30
  • 021TranslucenceMain2:33
  • 022Peace PieceMain1:46




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