Vital Organs

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Vital Organs JW2120

Hammond organ in retro sound: at times cool, at times nostalgic. Energetic one moment, cuddly the next.

JW Media Music JW2120

  • 001Bag Of NailsMain2:07
  • 002Soul SoupMain1:51
  • 003SkafaceMain2:06
  • 004Live On StageMain1:56
  • 005All NighterMain2:08
  • 006Relax TingMain1:42
  • 007Hammond EggsMain1:38
  • 008Sneaky PeteMain2:42
  • 009Jazz AlertMain1:24
  • 010Mean SceneMain2:29
  • 011Goodtime GrooveMain2:05
  • 012Wavy GravyMain2:03
  • 013Strut Your StuffMain1:49
  • 014Take It DownMain2:09
  • 015Say A PrayerMain2:33
  • 016Still PreachinMain2:10
  • 017City HitMain1:46
  • 018Lay It DownMain1:46
  • 019Cooler GrooverMain2:08
  • 020Big Bad BalladMain3:22




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