Brit Rock

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Brit Rock JW2114

Guitar-oriented rock music of British character. Great stylistic variety, from hard as steel to silky soft.

JW Media Music JW2114

  • 001Big BeyondMain3:08
  • 002Silver ScreamMain2:37
  • 003Metal AxisMain2:07
  • 004Beyond BigMain2:28
  • 005StereochromeMain2:26
  • 006Planet FuzzMain2:33
  • 007Hall Of MirrorsMain3:10
  • 008Lo-Fi ZoneMain2:37
  • 009AfterburnerMain2:00
  • 010Light Up The DarkMain2:28
  • 011Smug FacesMain3:08
  • 012Freak ShowMain2:30
  • 013Head ButtMain2:39
  • 014SmartwareMain1:57
  • 015Full WhackMain1:57
  • 016Mega-SoftyMain3:07
  • 017Wah-Wah DazeMain2:09
  • 018Thrash MachineMain2:38
  • 019Big EdMain2:50
  • 020Hot WiredMain2:34
  • 021What's The Big IdeaMain3:09




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