Latino Beats

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Latino Beats JW2111

Latino rhythms in contemporary sound. Advertising, party, holidays.

JW Media Music JW2111

  • 001AssiiMain4:40
  • 002Drum & BossaMain3:06
  • 003Junko El PhunkoMain1:59
  • 004Guitar GringosMain2:07
  • 005Mucho MuchoMain2:18
  • 006Taka TakaMain2:12
  • 007Lime JamMain2:10
  • 008Casa LatinaMain3:56
  • 009Tequila SlammerMain2:15
  • 010Bossa NostraMain1:50
  • 011Nu Latino FunkMain3:00
  • 012Club ParadisoMain3:28
  • 013Bossa LatinaMain2:38
  • 014Latino PartyMain2:27
  • 015SundanceMain4:19
  • 016Ibiza BeatzMain2:22
  • 017Rio BackayardMain2:23
  • 018Olor OrienteMain3:29
  • 019Cereza LambadaMain2:10
  • 020Rapido GarajeMain3:21




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