English Folk

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English Folk JW2097

English folklore from the Middle Ages to today.

JW Media Music JW2097

  • 001Maypole DanceMain1:40
  • 002Somerset PolkaMain1:13
  • 003Strip The WillowMain2:40
  • 004Crossing The Tyne 1Main1:40
  • 005Crossing The Tyne 2Concertina Version1:41
  • 006Village ParadeMain1:53
  • 007Appleby Fair 1Main2:24
  • 008Appleby Fair 2Northumbrian Pipes1:24
  • 009Appleby Fair 3Alternative Version2:24
  • 010Ye Olde Trippe To JerusalemMain1:09
  • 011Whitechapel BellsMain1:47
  • 012Kielder LassMain1:34
  • 013Whitby HarbourMain1:48
  • 014Barrow DownsMain2:08
  • 015Old Blind FiddlerMain1:35
  • 016Come All Ye Fine FellowsMain1:31
  • 017Parson's MaggotMain1:47
  • 018Hampton CourtMain2:09
  • 019My Lady's FavourMain2:43
  • 020Miller's TaleMain2:33
  • 021Eggardon HillMain1:50
  • 022Great WesternMain2:19
  • 023RockinghamMain2:16
  • 024Castle RockMain2:17
  • 025Bosworth FieldMain1:26
  • 026CropredyMain3:21
  • 027Doomsday MarchMain2:27
  • 028Rolling English RoadMain2:30
  • 029FolkusMain2:35




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