Emerald Island

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Emerald Island JW2086

Folklore from Ireland. Typical sounds and instruments of Irish landscapes and regions (with short cuttings).

JW Media Music JW2086

  • 001Porter's RevengeMain1:38
  • 002Londonderry AirMain2:01
  • 003Londonderry AirAlternative Version1:08
  • 004Maids Of MagheryMain2:02
  • 005Murphy's TrenchMain2:00
  • 006Murphy's TrenchAlternative Version2:00
  • 007Humours Of TullysaranMain1:47
  • 008Humours Of TullysaranAlternative Version2:12
  • 009Glenties ReelMain2:03
  • 010Ellie's PolkaMain2:04
  • 011Ella's FancyMain1:39
  • 012Kerr's FavouriteMain2:14
  • 013Dark Thorn TreeMain1:21
  • 014Dark Thorn TreeMain1:16
  • 015Tinker's WeddingMain1:58
  • 016Share The BarrelMain1:45
  • 017Empty Glass LamentMain2:00
  • 018Up The HillMain2:01
  • 019Hound Of CulannMain2:28
  • 020Silent ValleyMain1:16
  • 021Silent ValleyAlternative Version2:25
  • 022Silent ValleyAlternative Version1:57
  • 023Scholar's WifeMain1:31
  • 024Scholar's WifeAlternative Version1:24
  • 025Scholar's WifeAlternative Version2:40
  • 026Red-haired RascalMain2:06
  • 027Early Morning MistMain3:13
  • 028Shores Of Lough NeaghMain2:12
  • 029Porter's RevengeAlternative Version1:59




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