Middle East Today

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Middle East Today JW2079

Middle East, Gulf region, contemporary recordings.

JW Media Music JW2079

  • 001El AlmarMain3:11
  • 002YawadMain2:41
  • 003MaazourMain3:06
  • 004Ya Sha-eMain2:42
  • 005El ForsanMain2:53
  • 006El Forsan 2Alternative Version2:30
  • 007EttobaMain2:03
  • 008KhawatirMain3:12
  • 009RamadanMain1:54
  • 010El BurkanMain3:09
  • 011El Burkan 2Alternative Version2:56
  • 012YasalamMain3:00
  • 013ShahamaMain3:03
  • 014El GhattasMain3:08
  • 015AfrahMain3:02
  • 016OuyonyMain3:00
  • 017El WahaMain3:02
  • 018KhadrahMain2:52
  • 019El Almar (Rhythm)Rhythm Only0:32
  • 020Shahama (Rhythm)Rhythm Only1:10
  • 021El Ghattas (Rhythm)Rhythm Only0:55
  • 022Afrah (Rhythm)Rhythm Only1:11




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