Son of Rock Box

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Son of Rock Box JW2076

An authentic collection of instrumental rock band classics, feauring metal, blues and funk tracks, heavy riffs, pounding drums and driving bass

JW Media Music JW2076

  • 001Son Of RockFull2:37
  • 002Guitar HeroesFull3:04
  • 003Starting GridFull2:43
  • 004Screaming WheelsFull3:14
  • 005Denim AnthemFull2:09
  • 006Mental ThunderFull2:30
  • 007Solid ElectricFull2:34
  • 008Wild BunchFull2:31
  • 009Cats CreamFull2:06
  • 010Running A LightFull2:45
  • 011Free SpiritFull2:37
  • 012Cloud NineFull2:38
  • 013Rockin MachineFull2:36
  • 014Mean StreakFull2:41
  • 015Silver SurferFull2:23
  • 016CyberfunkFull2:58
  • 017Rock CityFull2:53




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