Acid Jazz Groove

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Acid Jazz Groove JW2066

Contemporary jazz funk (with short cuttings).

JW Media Music JW2066

  • 001Good FeelingMain2:45
  • 002Long Island Iced TeaMain3:24
  • 003Same Time, Same PlaceMain2:55
  • 004Far From BlueMain3:07
  • 005Back To BasicsMain2:58
  • 006Lower East SideMain2:40
  • 007A's In The JointMain2:42
  • 008What Next?Main2:50
  • 009Elliot The DudeMain2:55
  • 010Times SquareMain3:14
  • 011Right AttitudeMain3:04
  • 012Until Such TimeMain2:58
  • 013Hit It HardMain3:30
  • 014Where's The Hook?Main3:16
  • 015Big ChillMain3:40
  • 016Heading DowntownMain3:01
  • 017Take A RideMain3:02
  • 018Mulatto GrooveMain2:52
  • 019Good VibeMain2:28
  • 020Air MilesMain3:39
  • 021Mr CoolMain2:55
  • 022Acid GrooveMain2:55




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