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India JW2054

Ethnic music from India. Holidays, travel, folklore.

JW Media Music JW2054

  • 001Hidden Valley 1Main1:50
  • 002Indian Journey 1Main2:05
  • 003Indian Journey 2Main2:11
  • 004Indian Journey 3Main0:54
  • 005Looking South 1Main0:57
  • 006Looking South 2Main2:06
  • 007Sitar Scene 1Main1:10
  • 008Sitar Scene 2Main1:01
  • 009Prayer FlagsMain2:34
  • 010Inner PeaceMain2:34
  • 011Great TempleMain2:22
  • 012Saffron RobesMain2:56
  • 013Morning PraiseMain4:49
  • 014Mountain ShrineMain2:45
  • 015Morning RagaMain3:36
  • 016Into The FoothillsMain3:00
  • 017Mountain PathMain3:29
  • 018Storm CloudsMain0:50
  • 019Zanskar 1Main1:45
  • 020Zanskar 2Main1:52
  • 021Valley On The IndusMain3:55
  • 022Love And DestinyMain4:40
  • 023High HimalayasMain0:59
  • 024Eastern Vista 1Main1:19
  • 025Eastern Vista 2Main0:22
  • 026Santoor SceneMain0:48
  • 027Santoor Bridge 1Main0:47
  • 028Santoor Bridge 2Main0:11




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