Africa Today

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Africa Today JW2049

Authentic contemporary music of different regions and styles from today's Africa. Holiday - travel.

JW Media Music JW2049

  • 001MurabiMain3:06
  • 002Darktown SwingMain2:53
  • 003EgoliMain3:18
  • 004Kalk BayMain1:34
  • 005Zim-ZamMain2:39
  • 006Great KarooMain2:44
  • 007GomaMain3:21
  • 008Katanga ClubMain2:45
  • 009Kumasi RoadMain2:49
  • 010EkoMain3:08
  • 011JujuMain3:05
  • 012Malian GirlMain2:46
  • 013BushwalkMain2:43
  • 014Rift ValleyMain3:00
  • 015Serengeti DawnMain2:30
  • 016Danakil SandsMain2:58
  • 017TantaMain2:41
  • 018Nubian DanceMain2:35




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