Vintage Newsreel 1

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Vintage Newsreel 1 JW2041

Typical film music in the style of the 1940s to 1960s. Orchestral, entertainment, spirited.

JW Media Music JW2041

  • 001Folies ParadeMain2:43
  • 002Top GearMain2:28
  • 003Leicester Square Looks RoundMain2:37
  • 004Signing OnMain0:46
  • 005Signing OffMain1:12
  • 006Radio ShowMain1:30
  • 007Fast MajesticMain1:34
  • 008High LivingMain2:53
  • 009Gala NightsMain1:39
  • 010Big Beat IntroMain0:56
  • 011Man In A HurryMain2:43
  • 012Miss MelanieMain2:24
  • 013Pert And PrettyMain2:55
  • 014Tempo 160Main2:57
  • 015Without A CareMain2:41
  • 016Private SecretaryMain2:39
  • 017Shopping TourMain2:15
  • 018Faster Than ThatMain1:56
  • 019Little SerenadeMain2:41
  • 020Picking StringsMain2:49
  • 021Rave Up!Main2:34
  • 022Big TimeMain1:22
  • 023Freight CarMain1:20
  • 024Tropical ParadiseMain2:12
  • 025Teen BrawlMain2:56
  • 026TeenageMain0:31
  • 027TeenageMain0:17
  • 028Lido Fashion ParadeMain2:49
  • 029Top ModelMain3:05
  • 030Farewell WaltzMain2:42
  • 031Television PlayhouseMain2:44
  • 032Premiere ProductionMain2:52




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