The Rock Box

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The Rock Box JW2040

A collection of dynamic classic rock instrumentals with authentic hard rock, metal, blues, country rock, rock n roll and jazz rock tracks from the 50's to the 90's

JW Media Music JW2040

  • 001Put The Pedal To The MetalFull1:41
  • 002Black LeatherFull1:39
  • 003Mean ThunderFull2:10
  • 004Electric CityFull1:24
  • 005Down These Mean StreetsFull1:44
  • 006Straight Fifty EightFull1:37
  • 007Sixties SurfingFull1:40
  • 008Jump JiveFull2:10
  • 009FreewheelinFull2:52
  • 010Lets PretendFull2:20
  • 011Mean GreensFull2:58
  • 012Rock ClassFull2:06
  • 013East CoasterFull2:05
  • 014ShufflesFull2:18
  • 015Follow The LeaderFull2:32
  • 016Handy CraftyFull3:05
  • 017Feeding BackFull1:22
  • 018Laid Back BoogieFull1:19
  • 019Pacific SunsetFull1:54
  • 020Please Your SoulFull3:21
  • 021Down HomeFull2:43




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