American Country

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American Country JW2030

Country and western music, traditional themes. Holidays, travel, folklore.

JW Media Music JW2030

  • 001Blue Ridge PartyMain2:34
  • 002Blue Ridge PartyAlternative Version0:33
  • 003Southern Deep FriedMain1:23
  • 004Southern Deep FriedAlternative Version0:32
  • 005Blue Ridge BluesMain2:01
  • 006Blue Ridge BluesAlternative Version0:32
  • 007Cumberland CreekMain1:43
  • 008Cumberland CreekAlternative Version0:33
  • 009Magnolia StateMain2:11
  • 010Magnolia StateAlternative Version0:33
  • 011Magnolia DriveMain2:32
  • 012Magnolia DriveAlternative Version0:33
  • 013Magnolia SunsetMain2:35
  • 014Magnolia SunsetAlternative Version0:33
  • 015Magnolia SunsetAlternative Version0:33
  • 016Swamp StompMain1:35
  • 017Swamp StompAlternative Version0:32
  • 018Char-Broiled Blues!Main2:14
  • 019Char-Broiled Blues!Alternative Version0:33
  • 020Louisiana NightsMain2:10
  • 021Louisiana NightsAlternative Version0:33
  • 022Dusty BootsMain1:55
  • 023Dusty BootsAlternative Version0:35
  • 024Desert HighwayMain1:30
  • 025Desert HighwayAlternative Version0:35
  • 026RailroaderMain2:37
  • 027RailroaderAlternative Version0:33
  • 028Corn Dog Hop!Main2:55
  • 029Corn Dog Hop!Alternative Version0:32
  • 030Corn Dog BluesMain2:58
  • 031Corn Dog BluesAlternative Version0:32
  • 032Corn Dog WaltzMain2:40
  • 033Corn Dog WaltzAlternative Version0:32
  • 034DixieMain0:38
  • 035Camptown RacesMain0:50
  • 036Battlehymn Of The RepublicMain1:12
  • 037Marching Through GeorgiaMain0:56
  • 038When Johnny Comes HomeMain0:45
  • 039The Girl I Left Behind MeMain0:42
  • 040Yankee DoodleMain0:36
  • 041Yellow Rose Of TexasMain0:56
  • 042Gary OwenMain0:54




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