Classical Lines

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Classical Lines JW2027

Popular classical pieces by R. Wagner, G. Bizet, P. Tchaikovsky, E. Grieg, A. Dvroak, J. Strauss et al.

JW Media Music JW2027

  • 001Ride Of The ValkyriesMain4:41
  • 002Ride Of The ValkyriesAlternative Version0:31
  • 003Blue Danube WaltzMain9:39
  • 004Blue Danube WaltzAlternative Version0:32
  • 005Tales From The Vienna WoodsMain5:57
  • 006Tales From The Vienna WoodsAlternative Version0:31
  • 007Wine, Women And Song WaltzMain5:45
  • 008Wine, Women And Song WaltzAlternative Version0:31
  • 009Trisch-trasch PolkaMain2:02
  • 010Trisch-trasch PolkaAlternative Version0:31
  • 011Thunder And Lightning PolkaMain2:57
  • 012Thunder And Lightning PolkaAlternative Version0:31
  • 013Radetzky MarchMain2:14
  • 014Radetzky MarchAlternative Version0:29
  • 015Morning (Peer Gynt Suite No.1)Main3:40
  • 016Morning (Peer Gynt Suite No.1)Alternative Version0:31
  • 017Anitra's Dance (Peer Gynt Suite No.1)Main3:20
  • 018Anitra's Dance (Peer Gynt Suite No.1)Alternative Version0:31
  • 019Wedding MarchMain5:09
  • 020Wedding MarchAlternative Version0:31
  • 021Serenade For StringsMain2:09
  • 022Serenade For StringsAlternative Version0:30
  • 023Capriccio EspagnolMain6:00
  • 024Capriccio EspagnolAlternative Version0:31
  • 025Les Toreadors (carmen)Main2:12
  • 026Les Toreadors (carmen)Alternative Version0:32
  • 027Chanson Du Toreador (carmen)Main1:59
  • 028Chanson Du Toreador (carmen)Alternative Version0:31
  • 029Hungarian Dance No.1 In G MinorMain3:04
  • 030Hungarian Dance No.1 In G MinorAlternative Version0:31
  • 031Pizzicato (sylvia Ballet)Main2:23
  • 032Pizzicato (sylvia Ballet)Alternative Version0:31
  • 033Dance Of The Sugar Plum FairyMain2:00
  • 034Dance Of The Sugar Plum FairyAlternative Version0:30
  • 035Chinese DanceMain1:07
  • 036Chinese DanceAlternative Version0:31
  • 037Dance Of The FlutesMain2:21
  • 038Dance Of The FlutesAlternative Version0:32




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