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Voices JW2018

Human voices sampled via vocoder and computer, very unconventional in composition and interpretation. Experiment, fantasy.

JW Media Music JW2018

  • 001Aerial View 1Main3:05
  • 002Aerial View 2Main3:03
  • 003Blap!Main2:45
  • 004BreathlessMain3:07
  • 005Cats CradleMain3:07
  • 006ChanteuseMain3:03
  • 007Clearing SkiesMain1:45
  • 008CloistersMain2:23
  • 009EchoesMain2:50
  • 010FootlightsMain2:37
  • 011Funtime RagMain2:36
  • 012Grand CentralMain3:09
  • 013It's A RapMain2:20
  • 014KaleidoscopeMain2:32
  • 015King'Main1:35
  • 016Miniature FugueMain2:18
  • 017Miniature PreludeMain2:39
  • 018SleeperMain2:18
  • 019Spirit WorldMain2:26
  • 020Summer Solstice 1Main1:14
  • 021Summer Solstice 2Main1:08
  • 022SundownMain2:13
  • 023Tinsel TownMain2:22
  • 024TrollsMain2:08
  • 025Undercurrent 11Main2:58
  • 026VaultsMain1:33
  • 027VoicesMain2:01
  • 028WorshipMain2:47




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