The Big Band Box

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The Big Band Box JW2016

Dance musik of the 1920s to 1950s.

JW Media Music JW2016

  • 001Liquorice TwistMain2:01
  • 002Back Beat BoogieMain2:39
  • 003Clarinet CapriceMain3:09
  • 004High Steppin' SpatsMain1:51
  • 005Sentimental PortraitMain2:50
  • 006Jumpin' At The JunctionMain2:55
  • 007Downbeat BluesMain4:36
  • 008Carnival For TrumpetMain3:01
  • 009My Old TuxedoMain2:28
  • 010Sunset SerenadeMain3:05
  • 011TrumpetuosityMain2:20
  • 012Mambo No.10 +Main2:20
  • 013Sutton Street Strut (a)Main2:21
  • 014Oh My! Cutie Pie!Main2:21
  • 015Flapper GirlMain2:03
  • 016New Orleans RambleMain4:28
  • 017Degrees Of ArtistryMain2:49
  • 018Sutton Street Strut (b)Main2:47
  • 019El Pato LocoMain1:56
  • 020Sheer CoolMain2:52




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