Pure Romance

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Pure Romance JW2015

Atmospheric compositions for guitar, piano, strings. Impressions, romance, calm themes.

JW Media Music JW2015

  • 001Romantic InterludeMain2:15
  • 002Four More Seasons- SpringMain2:46
  • 003Four More Seasons - SummerMain2:56
  • 004Four More Seasons - SummerMain3:37
  • 005Four More Seasons - AutumnMain3:44
  • 006Mister Happy 1Main2:44
  • 007Mister Happy 2Main0:32
  • 008LightyearsMain2:28
  • 009Distant FriendsMain2:24
  • 010Time Past And PresentMain2:25
  • 011CloudscapeMain2:49
  • 012Velvet BassMain2:09
  • 013Inspiration 1Main2:09
  • 014Inspiration 2Main2:14
  • 015Story Of LoveMain2:41
  • 016Fantasy IslandMain2:52
  • 017Passion FlowerMain3:12
  • 018Serenade D'amourMain2:58
  • 019A New RomanceMain3:44
  • 020Gentle AwakeningMain3:11
  • 021TearjearkerMain2:25
  • 022Two's CompanyMain2:03
  • 023Piano Concerto No.21 - AndanteMain6:47




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