Great Britain

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Great Britain JW2014

Ethnic, pastoral and traditional themes from England, Scotland and Wales. Holidays, travel, folklore.

JW Media Music JW2014

  • 001English Country GardenMain1:59
  • 002Country LifeMain2:32
  • 003Morris DancersMain1:35
  • 004Fun Of The FairMain1:56
  • 005I Do Like To Be Beside The SeasideMain1:06
  • 006John PeelMain1:06
  • 007Blaydon RacesMain1:01
  • 008Men Of HarlechMain1:20
  • 009On Ilkley Moor Bah't'atMain1:04
  • 010Scotland The BraveMain1:02
  • 011Braemar Gathering / Mactavish's PartyMain2:05
  • 012North Of The BorderMain1:56
  • 013Balmoral CastleMain2:24
  • 014CaenarvonMain1:20
  • 015Amongst The Potted PalmsMain2:19
  • 016Drawing Room BalladMain2:56
  • 017Martha, Martha, What Have You DoneMain2:21
  • 018I Say, I Say, I Say...Main1:39
  • 019Cockney SparrowMain1:28
  • 020Ol' JoannaMain1:51
  • 021Long May She ReignMain4:01
  • 022WatermusicMain7:31
  • 023WatermusicMain4:15
  • 024Fireworks - La RejoussianceMain2:16
  • 025Trumpet VoluntaryMain2:54
  • 026The British GrenadiersMain0:59
  • 027Rule BritanniaMain1:17
  • 028God Save The QueenMain0:55




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