Pastoral Awakening

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Pastoral Awakening JW2007

Orchestral, pastoral, lyrical, strings. Landscape, atmospheric picture.

JW Media Music JW2007

  • 001Pastoral OvertureMain3:33
  • 002The WatermillMain4:08
  • 003Pastoral AwakeningMain3:59
  • 004Country AdagioMain3:12
  • 005Village FairMain2:27
  • 006Quiet WatersMain3:46
  • 007Meadow DawnMain3:15
  • 008Winter SceneMain4:06
  • 009Water MeadowsMain1:47
  • 010Folk TaleMain2:45
  • 011Spring FestivalMain1:49
  • 012Autumn ColoursMain2:52
  • 013Moorland LandscapeMain3:12
  • 014Leaf FallMain2:05
  • 015Constable CountryMain2:32
  • 016RaindropsMain1:53
  • 017Woodland RideMain2:45
  • 018Village InnMain1:39
  • 019Once Upon A Time (2)Main3:51
  • 020PoseidonMain3:09
  • 021The Pennine WayMain3:40
  • 022Malvern WatercolourMain3:14




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