Dark Electronica

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Dark Electronica JMB 1045

Plunge in a dark and intriguing world with this delightful selection of electronic productions and industrial beats. From deep dub to enthralling electro, passing by wistful ambient.

Jambaar Library JMB 1045

  • 001ForgetMain2:40
  • 002Piano GarageMain2:43
  • 003KnowledgeMain2:14
  • 004Dub IntentionsMain2:00
  • 005TheatreMain2:03
  • 006SuccessMain2:14
  • 007OuvertureMain2:08
  • 008ForgetNo Drums2:41
  • 009ForgetLight2:40
  • 010Forget30 Seconds0:30
  • 011Forget30 Seconds Light0:30
  • 012Forget30 Seconds No Drums0:30
  • 013Forget60 Seconds1:00
  • 014Forget60 Seconds No Drums1:00
  • 015Piano GarageNo Drums2:43
  • 016Piano GarageLight2:42
  • 017Piano Garage30 Seconds0:31
  • 018Piano Garage30 Seconds No Drums0:31
  • 019Piano Garage60 Seconds1:00
  • 020Piano Garage60 Seconds No Drums1:00
  • 021KnowledgeNo Drums2:14
  • 022KnowledgeLight2:10
  • 023Knowledge30 Seconds0:30
  • 024Knowledge30 Seconds No Drums0:30
  • 025Knowledge60 Seconds1:00
  • 026Knowledge60 Seconds No Drums1:00
  • 027Dub IntentionsNo Drums1:58
  • 028Dub IntentionsLight2:00
  • 029Dub Intentions30 Seconds0:30
  • 030Dub Intentions30 Seconds No Drums0:28
  • 031Dub Intentions60 Seconds1:00
  • 032Dub Intentions60 Seconds No Drums0:57
  • 033TheatreNo Drums2:05
  • 034TheatreLight2:03
  • 035Theatre30 Seconds0:30
  • 036Theatre30 Seconds No Drums0:30
  • 037Theatre60 Seconds1:00
  • 038Theatre60 Seconds No Drums1:00
  • 039SuccessNo Drums2:15
  • 040SuccessLight2:13
  • 041Success30 Seconds0:30
  • 042Success30 Seconds No Drums0:30
  • 043Success60 Seconds1:00
  • 044Success60 Seconds No Drums1:00
  • 045OuvertureNo Drums2:09
  • 046OuvertureLight2:08
  • 047Ouverture30 Seconds0:30
  • 048Ouverture30 Seconds No Drums0:30
  • 049Ouverture60 Seconds1:00
  • 050Ouverture60 Seconds No Drums1:00




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